I'm in great need of finding underwear that doesn't result in VPL. So far, I've been trying stuff from Target (Hanes, etc.) that promises no VPL, but it's all a lie! I need to get serious about this, because I only have two pairs that work, and that's only because they are several sizes too big so I just kind of pull them up or down or all around until the line is gone.

After not shopping in June, I decided this is a priority for a shopping trip next week once July rolls around. I have the blog post from here to start with and I plan to wear a pair of sweatpant capris that are one of my worst offenders... but when I try undies, I don't take my own pair off first, so you can't REALLY know in-store if a pair will work, right? I also don't wear anything, esp undergarments, without washing it first, not even for a few minutes. Is my only option to buy from Nordstrom so that I can return after trying them especially since I'll be washing them first?

I still have a few styles in slightly-too-big sizes, so simply sizing up doesn't work for me. No thongs. I can maybe do a boyshort if the inseam is very short; I wear cloth liners every day and need to be able to snap the wings together.

What's your strategy? I've flushed away so much money over the years looking for this elusive undergarment!