Well, I'm in Ottawa at the moment, and have been looking forward to visiting a Nordstroms for the first time since I found out the store here would be open in time for my meetings. I was NOT disappointed.
People talk about the customer service... well, I assumed that was more for when you had a problem, or a complaint about something. I had NO idea it meant the whole meal deal.. including the sales people on the floor.

An aside... believe it or not, I hate shopping. But obviously I like buying :). I hate pushy sales people, negligent sales people, all the choices, crowds, etc. This is part of the reason I'm such a lemming, and do a lot of my shopping online. Now granted I was totally psyched to be shopping on this trip, but I found myself loving it. The sales people were friendly, helpful, devoted, yet not at all in my face. I felt no pressure whatsoever. I did have to slow down one woman who when she didn't have a specific linen tee wanted to try, brought me everything linen in the store I think. She didn't quite get I wasn't obsessed with linen, I just liked that particular tee (an EF I'd seen online).

I ended up there twice. And did not come away unscathed.
First, what I didn't buy: This totally amazing Helmut Lang tee shirt. I loved it. It was exactly what I've been looking for, and is on my wardrobe hole list (graphic tee, drapey, some citron). Unfortunately the pic I took of me wearing it somehow vanished, but I did love it. It actually fit me very differently than the model. But no matter what, I could NOT bring myself to spend over $250 on a tee shirt. It's a tee shirt. Phew, senses intact.
2. I'd been eyeing these for a while, but was hesitant to get them in the suede because I feel that material is more suited for winter than summer. So I was very happy to see these in "regular" leather, also every happy to try them on, as I ended up a half size from my normal Monro size. They were not a need for me, but the heel height and comfort will make them workhorses, I predict. My other black sandals have higher heels and are a bit restrictive as a result.
3. What I was looking for... tank tops that were not black or white. OK I was hoping for something more exciting than navy, but most of the colours out this season are not good on me.
4. An EF treat. (Nordies on line only shows black). Great fit, really hoping it'll be a workhorse!
5. I wanted to figure out my sizing in the Plione tops, as its not consistent and they are so easy to order and in such great colours/patterns. So this was more of a reconnaissance mission, esp to figure out what I needed for a the drape front long sleeved ones, but wasn't about to get one at this time of year. Couldn't resist this pink/navy split neck one... I love this colour on me. And it's not black or white
6. Total random I was not planning on getting this. On sale, and again, a great colour on me. Just couldn't resist.

Ta da! Just had to share.

My goodness I love that Helmut Lang top.... sigh.