Five months ago I bought two pair of jeans and they instantly pulled together a number of FFBO. I realised that jeans in a medium to light wash is a wardrobe essential for me. However, due to weight fluctuation they now are about one size too small and feel tight and uncomfortable.

I need some help to decide whether or not to buy one pair of fitting jeans - or just go by with other options until I'm back to my preferred weight. I don't want spend much on "transition jeans" and I don't have the time for a real hunt. I might find a decent pair on the summer sale, though.

I know I can get by without the jeans this summer and autumn. I have a pair of olive cargoish pants that can substitute and I really like my pure blue chinos for summer. (Well, so far this summer is sooo "unsummery" with 10-15 C / 50-59 F.) I also have skirts and dresses for casual days, but crave bare legs (which is too cold these days).

On the other side, a good pair of jeans is such an easy piece that pulls together an outfit, especially when autumn comes. Many of my tops gets more wear with jeans and my lifestyle and environment (work, family, friends) are very jeans friendly.