How is everyone doing? I know several have fallen off the wagon. I am about to. I have a bid in on a skirt that will end today. My only justification is that I have a straight casual skirt on my 'list' and that it being out of country, it would not arrive in time for the event for which I'm buying it if I wait until August. I'm using Paypal balance from selling off other clothing, but still. I wanted to finish the month completely clean.
In other news, several watched items have sold out while I cooled my jets for this month. The cashmere blend tee being one of them. It was a want more than a need, so it's not tragic. A bummer? Sure. I'll get past it. Another nice blend tee will crop up by year's end I'm sure
I'm still cobbling together random items to donate or sell from my closet this month. Getting in there and wearing stuff, instead of looking for new, tends to make you look more closely at what you've got. And then what isn't working and can be let go. Nice side benefit! And also what you really need vs want. Case in point, I did not have that casual cotton/denim skirt to wear my upcoming concert. I eyed that shiny cocktail jacquard skirt a few weeks back, but it wasn't what I needed it was just another pretty that caught my eye. Since purging my 'almosts' I now do need that casual, durable skirt. Hope this one does the trick!
So that's my short lesson - taking a break brings my focus back. I stop ogling so much and get more realistic.
Your turn!