So, Angie and several other ladies asked for a review of the "new Cons". For those not keeping track, I kept the plain white (and Scotchguarded them-- I will report back later on how that has held up). I usually wear between and 8 and 8.5 in women's shoes and ordered an 8.

I used to be a Converse All Star high-top wearer circa 2004. About 8 years ago I started having problems with my feet and could no longer wear them-- they didn't offer enough support and there wasn't room to add anything. About a year ago, I bought a pair of Jack Purcells because they have the removable footbed with extra padding and arch support but they were always a little too high in the heel cup and a little wide for me. I have normal width feet with a problematic pinky toe and high arches. My heels are a bit on the narrow side and I have lots of problems with slip-on shoes and shoes with low vamps in general.

My feet are happiest in supportive but flexible flat shoes or low heels, like sneakers and Doc Martens.

After all-day wear I'm pleased to report that these passed the test. Although I'm not necessarily a fan of doing away with the traditional black and red markings, I am a huge fan of the painted eyelets -- no more aluminum dark marks on the shoe laces. The laces that came with this pair are higher quality than my last pair as well (I had issues with the laces on my JPs pilling). The rubber is more flexible. which might keep the soles from pulling away from the canvas where my foot bends, which was a problem on the JPs as well.

Overall, these are a lighter weight shoe than regular Cons. I enjoy the elastic they have added to keep the tongue in place, which also should benefit those who want to wear these with elastic shoelaces as a "slip-on".

I also am a fan of the lining they have added to the tongue and heel-- which adds a bit of padding and makes them more comfortable to wear. These don't slip in the heel at all for me, which was an issue with low-top Allstars. The footbed is great-- cushiony and contoured without having too much arch. Plus, being removable those with serious orthotic needs could remove the insole and replace with an insert.

I stood for several hours and climbed the 4 flights of stairs in my building several times, as well as took a brief walk. I also didn't have any of the discomfort with feet feeling pinched after sitting for several hours like I sometimes have with other "fashion" sneakers.

I hope that this review helps and that Converse continues to offer this style. I'd love some cute printed cons as well!