Context: I live in northern California where 45% of the time the weather is between 70-80F and another 45% of the time the weather is between 60-70F. We're still in a drought, so assume it won't be raining much.

This morning I wanted a wind-resistant topper to throw on over my sweater--a standard semi-chunky but not oversized knit. And I ended up with... a fleece-lined soft shell jacket, actually freebie swag from work, which I've worn to death in the year since I received it. Very nice gear, but definitely gear.

Given that the temp won't be dropping much below 60F, what kind of comfy topper can I wear over a sweater? Most of my tailored jackets are fitted for a sleeveless shell or thin merino underlayer, and they get plenty of wear in the "spring/summer" half of the year when it's a little warmer. But I have many months of "fall/winter" left to go when a wool coat or a leather jacket will be overkill when layered, and I do need the sweater to stay warm inside at work.

Further caveat: I'm mostly going to be wearing this topper while driving and for short walks to/from dinner, so prefer hip-length. I have a lovely CM trench that is the right weight, but it's a bit fussy for throwing on during my commute.

For the visual folks, I've attached illustrative examples in Finds of today's sweater and jacket.