I recently posted asking for help & advice about shopping for wide width shoes.


I got a lot of helpful information from you ladies, for which I am eternally grateful. Since reading the responses, I've been taking navel gazing to the next level. I've been staring at my toes, trying to figure out what physical anomaly is causing my problems. I've stared at my toes until my eyes crossed & rolled back into my head. I came to the conclusion that 2 of my toes are crooked, thanks to an old injury that never healed right. They have a weird bend in the joints that looks similar to what rheumatoid arthritis does to joints; leaving them putting pressure on my pinkie toe in narrow shoes. Once I arrived at this realization, I had to laugh at myself for staring at my toes so much because that is some next level navel gazing LOL. All that toe-staring did help me understand what I need to be looking for in shoes from now on, so thank you for helping me look at the problem with a fresh perspective.

While I was staring at my toes, part of my brain was apparently marinating in "palewave" & gelato from my recent WIW post


Because I've become obsessed with the palewave & gelato color palette idea (that I'm naming "dippin dots" in honor of the ice cream, pics attached). It will mix & match with my historical preferences for warmer months (finds). I'm drawn to lighter colors when it's hot outside, probably because they just feel cooler than black & navy in the blazing Texas sun. I snagged up a few pieces from target after work last night (on mobile, so no finds yet but I'll add later if someone will link me to download for my laptop), and I had to stop myself from buying all the pastel & gelato clothes because I have enough clothes and I don't know if this obsession with new colors will be year-round (although if it is, that's okay too). I also know that dippin dots colors would not survive more than 32.6 seconds at work before getting torn or stained. I think part of my newfound love of simple, minimalist looks in brighter, paler colors stems from settling into the new house, as it is dark & a bit dystopian rustic industrial. Being surrounded by a look I love at home seems to have satisfied my need for darkness & random wear&tear LOL

I've been thinking of dying (part of) my hair purple, which would be playful & cool (in the sense of cool vs warm colors). It would also read more emo-gothic-street-ninja-punk rock-dystopia in winter, when I'm historically drawn to darker colors.

If you're still with me after all that navel gazing, wow! I love you XO

Now, my questions to you guys:
1) how purple should I go? I'm really only wanting to do the back of my head between the bottom hairline & halfway to the top, leaving me with my white hair in front. Should I go for "appalling color" or maybe a softer version like the dippin dots theme?
2) how best to accessorize a dippin dots themed wardrobe? I want the look to feel light and playful without reading too juvenile. My instincts are saying delicate chains and small-ish pendants, but beyond that I'm a bit lost. Earrings are out of the question, and it's too hot for scarves right now, so that leaves bracelets & rings. Should I go delicate &/or minimal, or big bold chunky?
3) where can I get some solid dippin dots colored shorts &/or capris/jeggings in natural fabrics or mostly natural blends? (I consider fabrics like rayon, tencel, viscose, modal, etc to be somewhere on the pseudo-synthetic end of the fiber spectrum as they actually seem to breathe well)

If you're still with me, thank you for taking time to gaze at my navel & toes, and thank you for any pointers & advice!

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