I’ve been thinking about fashion a lot for about 5 years now, and it seems that all of a sudden, all of the lessons taught by Angie, others on this Forum, and other blogs etc. are finally sinking in. I feel a tremendous clarity developing in the past month or so!

Fewer, better items. This has been a very sudden shift, so I’m guessing it built up over time without me noticing. These days I just have no patience for stuff that is “almost right.” I had a lot of nice items that I had inherited or received as gifts, but they didn’t fit well. Also a lot of super cheap fast-fashion items whose texture or fabrication felt unbearable against the skin. I know that I can get by with way less than I currently have. A really great pair of jeans can be worn for like half the week, after all .

On a related note, capsules are not working for me. When I first started learning about wardrobe management, I was fascinated by the idea of capsules. Hiking clothes do not need to match regular clothes! Beach stuff can have its own little storage box! But eventually I just had so damn many capsules! I do a lot of different activities in different environments, and it’s just not feasible to manage All The Capsules. I expect to donate a lot of the less-loved items that have only one specific use. (I do still enjoy a wacky yoga outfit, though, so those will probably stay separate.)

Layer neutrals with abandon. For a while I got really hung up on columns of color and tonal dressing. But for me, this kinda fed into perfectionist tendencies and made me feel that I needed to have every item in every color. Blue column needed blue shoes! Tonal peach outfit needed peach bag! You can see how this would lead to wardrobe proliferation! These days I’m finding it feels much more relaxed to just wear all the neutrals together and not worry about them going together. Bonus: it often leads to surprisingly pleasing combos.

No need to wear all the “special” things at once, as I am often tempted to do. Opportunities to really dress up are kinda rare, and it’s so hard to decide whether to wear the big earrings or the bright shoes or the sparkly top…..But a little sparkle or bright color goes a long way. I have too many fancy items, really, so will need to keep that in mind when shopping.

Feel free to share your own recent “aha!” moments or ideas for style directions in the coming year.