I like to buy a wardrobe pet to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY). Since I'm a Dog in Chinese Zodiac, and it's the Year of the Dog - it had to be a red bag because red is the colour of good luck in Hong Kong.

As it happens, I've been looking for a large tomato red bag for a year since I only have a small crossbody. And when you're a Bag Lady like me, you appreciate and use all sorts of bags in the same colour.

I finally found my bag at Boden, and it's absolutely beautifully made. Looks like a Givenchy, Loewe, Balenciaga or Todds bag, but NOT at the designer price. The hardware, tassel, and topstitching are impeccable. Perfect matte gold hardware.

It's a more casual bag than I am used to carrying, but somehow "just dressy enough" because of the quality. Works perfectly with last year's red loafers. Complemented.

Check out the protective bag in came with. How can this bag not be mine?

Also available in blush and navy.