Rachy, I forgot to answer your question. I wish I had more of an opportunity to ride! I've only ridden twice but thoroughly enjoyed it. (Once in Texas, once in Chile)

Here I am at a neighbor's ranch in TX riding Jughead. So much fun! Jamie told me I looked like I'd been doing that my whole life.

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The lace up boots look great on you and fit so nicely. Also like the new burgundy ones, I can't do heels either and am slowly weeding out my shoe/boot collection.

Hi Janet! So good to see you.

I followed you to those burgundy Fryes and may need to follow you back to the Borns (but the Barren vs Felicia)...same reason, simply cannot wear those heels any longer. Fryes were always too tall for me, if I'm honest.

(Trying to sell all of my 8.5W 3-4" heels on eBay, but not much interest)

Wow! They remind me of the 70s. I remember how fab I felt in my tall beige lace-up suede boots in 1971 ...

I support your choice of going for a roomier size. Always a good idea to be able to wear a thick sock in winter--and to be able to move your toes!

AWESOME find. I hope that 8.5 works for you. I had a similar situation with the Vince Camuto boots in the find here - they're described as over-the-knee but are definitely more "up to the kneecap."

I am VERY tempted by those Born boots - would you mind sharing a photo? I'm curious what the back looks like, and what your take is on how red/purple they look in natural light.

Those boots are so pretty, JG!

Here are pics of the burgundy boots. They're a bit snug over skinny jeans, but loosening the ties at the top of the boots seems to help. My legs are, shall we say, substantial, so you may find this easier without adjustment. The boots fit me perfectly with thin socks or bare legs.

The tie is easily tucked into the back, the way you see it here. I'm not overly fond of the big ties flopping around.

They are *slightly* more purple than my old burgundy boots, but not overly purplish. I looked at them alongside my burgundy wardrobe items and they match better than my old boots did.

Hope that helps!

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Great boots Janet! I particularly like the burgundy ones.
So are you getting both pairs?

I have serious boot envy now, and am sorely tempted by the burgundy ones, especially. Both look REALLY great on you.

Smittie, I'm waiting for the half size up in the black boots, but I'm pretty sure they're keepers. Pretty sure the burgundy ones are too. I'll wear them around the house a bit first to test out comfort.

Sweet! They're both great.

I say those black boots are fabulous! I vote for a half size larger for a few reasons: 1) thicker socks provide better cushion and yes, warmth for feet, 2) your feet will swell some with walking and other activity, and 3) you can always add an insert for additional support and comfort if needed. I will look on with envy! The burgundy boots are also beautiful. The little bit of lace detailing on the back is such a nice touch.

LOVE EM. Thanks for the pics. And the ties at the top for calf comfort are key!

Very tempted...........

So...the tall black boots in the 8.5 arrived, and I'm unsure. They fit better, but are slightly taller (maybe a half inch? Certainly not a deal breaker), but they still feel stiff and like they're putting a bit of pressure on the outer edge of my foot (particularly my left, larger foot), just below the base of my little toe. I'm wondering if my cobbler can stretch the foot portion a bit width wise. I did try them on after wearing a pair of shoes that rubbed on my foot at that spot, so I decided to give it a rest for a day before trying them on again, so maybe tomorrow the problem will be gone.

Love the lace-up boots, Janet. I'm calling us boot twins because I have a pair of black Frye lace-ups that are nearly identical. I wear them with everything...jeans, pencil skirts, dresses...they're surprisingly versatile.

Re. size, how did the 8.5 pair feel today? I'd think the height might shorten some as the leather around the ankles relaxes a bit, but that rubbing might be a different matter.

P.S. You look fantastic on a horse:)

Beth, the Fryes have been on my radar as some to try next if these don't work out. How is the comfort of the Fryes? And how tall are they? I'm wondering if I should try them before committing to these, even though they're more expensive.

I did wear the 8.5 black laceup boots for a couple of hours around the house yesterday while I worked and did some household chores. They are slightly taller than the 8s but you're right, they soften and slouch at the ankles slightly with wear, so they do kind of move down a bit. The backs come up behind my knees when I sit, but the back has a vent cut into it, so the two sides fold back and it's not uncomfortable. I don't mind how it looks when I stand up either, since something roomy near my knees actually helps visually make my legs look a little skinnier, which I can always use!

The comfort was better yesterday -- I think I just needed to give my feet a break after wearing a new pair of shoes with no socks which rubbed a bit too much the day before (I forgot to put on Body Glide).

I'm leaning towards keeping, but wondering if it would be smart to try the Fryes too, just to be safe. Bed-Stu makes a cool pair but the black version is too distressed for what I want.