I know, this could be just result of deep winter blues and craving a change, but I am so unhappy and bored with my work uniform. It is very simple - classic pants in dark neutrals, layering sweaters in neutrals and colors, and classic blazers, also mostly neutrals with some burgundy and red in mix. The biggest issue are pants. My weight fluctuates constantly and it doesn’t take much up or down for pants to not fit good. I keep 4 different pants sizes to accommodate for that, but because of that I don’t have much variety. I am kind of tired of pants and would really like to move to wear more dresses instead. Recently I got new pair of knee high boots and because of that was wearing dresses much more often. And I realized how much better I feel in dresses. Dresses make me feel more feminine, they fit better and adjust easier to weight fluctuations. And it will simplify getting dressed tremendously. I would love to find dresses that are covering knees, that don’t have a to deep neckline, that have some structure around waist, that have long sleeves and that they can be worn on their own, but also with a topper, so no exuberant sleeves also. They should not be too memorable so that I can repeat them often, but also not too boring and basic. And not 100% polyester. Am I asking for too much? Do dresses like this exist?
I also have some practical questions - like how many I would need so that I have enough variety? And because my wardrobe has limited space, to allow for more dresses I would need to reduce some other categories. Should I let go 2 sweaters and 1 pair of pants for every dress? And I would probably need different blazers, more cropped versions. Ideally over time I would like to switch to dresses completely, but that will take time and patience. This all applies to my work wardrobe only.