Well, after looking at a bunch of options online for neutral snake print sandals, I kept going back to these, which I tried on in person and really liked. They are super comfortable, and look good on the foot, plus a little sporty/trendy with the white moderate platform soles. I think they’ll be very versatile for summer. Plus they have an ever so subtle holographic sheen to them, with some colors glowing through the neutral print, which I enjoy.

They’ll make a great complement with the Aimee Kestenberg backpack that you all encouraged me to duplicate in snake print. The Poshmark seller agreed to my offer and it’s on the way! I ended up getting this and the dark teal green version for less money total than a single new bag would have cost, so that’s a bonus.

I don’t usually like to be terribly matchy-matchy, but I think the fact that the sandals only cover so much area helps to keep this combination from feeling like it’s overly coordinated for my style.

And of course the bag will be great for year-round use. I’ll happily wear it regardless of footwear.