What a gorgeous scarf, Katarina! I’ve had some scarf churn in the past few months. I finally increased my collection of winter scarves from 1 to 4! Good thing since my winter and cold months are about 8 months of the year!

It's a beautiful scarf, and it suits you so well.

Katerina, have been thinking of you and felt worried for you and many other people I know in Sweden. Glad to see you again!

Beautiful scarf, Katerina. So many ways to wear it. I love your sunglasses.
I haven't bought many accessories lately. I do love scarves, but I don't wear them very often.

Hi Katerina, it’s nice to see you post again! The scarf is wonderful. I love how it works with your fun and stylish sunglasses!

Jonesy, Rachylou, Helena, Nemosmum, The Cat, Stylefan and Staysfit, thank you very much for the warm and nice comments!

Carla, that’s awesome! How fun!

Zaeobi, thanks for more useful ideas!