So fab! And so you! I love that every piece is not too simple or basic, all of them having something interesting going on!

Suz: Thank you so much. I love the color, too. The topper is made of boiled wool and does look a bit arty, especially since it's sewn inside out with no lining. I don't think it's waterproof.

shevia: Thank you. I think it will be a useful and fun capsule.

Kaelyn: Thank you. I have two distinct wardrobes: hot weather capsule and mild weather capsule and I like dressing in uniforms, too. In hot weather I wear a tunic or button down with crops and sandals or sneakers; and mild weather, I wear a topper, a column of color, and boots or sneakers.

Joy: Thank you. Angie has wonderful ideas and I try to copy her, too. I deliberately shopped for a red topper that was casual but a bit dressier than I have and it made shopping so much easier than my usual method of random shopping. And yes, a wardrobe hole was discovered, more long interesting necklaces to wear with turtlenecks.

Firecracker: Thank you. I looked at Angie's two week packing post and learned a lot. I'm impressed with your 10 day packing capsule, too. I'd love to see what you packed.

Brooklyn: Thank you. I know exactly what you mean by shopping more from the heart than the head and DH is a great enabler. That's one of the reasons I love YLF, I get practical advice.

unfrumped: Thanks.

alaskagirl: Thank you. I went to the Prairie Underground site and they have wonderful things.

Angie: Thank you so much. I'm glad you approve.

Peri: Thank you. The Fly London boots were comfortable from the first and real workhorses for me this year. I don't have fussy feet, just kind of wide feet that are not wide enough for wide shoes/boots.

Chris987: Thank you. What a nice comment.

Bonnie, I wish I had pictures of that capsule, but I don't. However, I can still remember the basic idea:
- black skinny jeans
- black skinny pants
- wine skinny cords
- wine silk blouse
- black, wine, blue, aqua print silk blouse
- chambray shirt
- wine pullover sweater
- aqua pullover sweater
- several camisoles
- two scarves
- two pairs of shoes
- one packable raincoat
- pjs, underwear. No workout gear, because sightseeing involved lots of walking.
The chambray shirt and two pullovers doubled as tops and toppers. I felt I had plenty of outfits.

Firecracker: This is a great list and I can see how it worked for you. I'm planning a 21 day trip in late April and will only have carry on luggage. I like the idea of bringing a raincoat, chambray shirt, and two pullovers as toppers. On my last trip I brought a raincoat, fleece jacket, knit jacket, and sport vest and wore them as layers and by the end of the trip, I was sick of them having worn them every day for 21 days. Toppers are essential but take a lot of room. Thanks, you've given me ideas.

Glad it gave you some ideas, Bonnie!
Wow, 21 days is a long time to pack for in a carry-on bag. But if you take my 3 x 3 x 2 capsule, it yields 18 outfits, and that's just counting the ones that involve a bottom, top, and topper. If you had one more actual topper--a jacket that goes with all the tops--you'd have 27 3-piece outfits. And then there are the outfits that could be created with two pieces and a scarf. . . . So it's totally doable. I'd say packing more scarves and some interesting jewelry will help make the outfits feel less alike, too. Plus, what I found with my capsule is that having a palette that coordinated but that wasn't completely tonal (i.e., not all black, white, gray) also made me feel less bored with the selections.

Now, this is where you can see one's individual style! Great choice, love the color and the cut, fit is perfect-so enjoy your FabNew Coat, Bonnie!:-)

Bonnie, I love the coat and how you made so many great outfits with black, white and the topper.
Firecracker, I also appreciated seeing your packing list.

Both of your posts show me how to pack in a carryon and have a varied wardrobe. Thanks.

As a longtime lurker/new member with a serious yearning for a Prairie Underground hoodie, I feel inspired by this capsule! The color and fit of the Heart boiled wool topper are driving me to eBay and Etsy to track down something similar.

Your new red topper looks beautiful on you! The color, the lines, the proportions make all of your black and white essentials look super stylish. Every outfit is a winner, but I really like the faux leather leggings. Those would be work horses in my wardrobe.
I only plan capsules for travel, or going to our cabin. I keep some clothing at the cabin, so only take a small capsule of items I can mix and match with what I already have there.

Bonnie- I see that this thread is from a year ago but I am so very glad this thread revived. I really really really like your style. You are now officially a style muse for me. I am going to bookmark this thread to really study your outfits.

I said on Sterling's recent thread that I don't like toppers but I was referring to blazers and cardigans. I would wear all your toppers. I especially like the capes.

Off to look at your other WIW's.