Thanks everyone! Sorry about taking time to respond - had one DD home from a camp last night and another off to one this morning (and another off tomorrow) so lots of mum time needed!

For all those worried about bathroom issues - hopefully ok on that front - I wore my grey plaid jumpsuit yesterday to work, drank copious amounts of water and tea and had lots of trips to the bathroom - and I was ok. (mine don't have hooks and eyes, unlike yours Karen)The shorter length on this one should make it easier to avoid the floor too.

Cee - thanks for the backup on Australian tea drinking habits!!

Jules - I'll try your iced tea recipe next hot day. I'll have to remember to put ice cube trays in the freezer. I can see it being nice - I drink tea without milk and sugar and sometimes it goes cold in the cup and I still drink it.

Jessikams - I can imagine what you are describing. I don't think it would work on me though - elastic waists don't look good on me. And I have a new beach coverup, though I haven't worn it yet because I haven't ben to the beach yet this summer

Viva and FI- I've heard romper too. Playsuit seems to be what Australian shops call them. I remember reading about them in 50's teen books - sometime they came with a detachable skirt you could put on to be more covered up after, for example, a tennis match.

Anna - yes I really need to think about the tee shirt under options, which got suggested on my other jumpsuit threads too. I have a bit of a poison eye for the look, because I knew someone who kept wearing it, and advocating it, after it went out of fashion in the 90's. But it would make the items more flexible.

You may want a tank or cami under it for modesty in the restroom.

This looks really nice on you! I'd wear it to anything casual: running errands, shopping, having lunch with friends, etc.

That romper looks great on you, and I agree with everyone else that it is a good choice for most things casual, not just picnics. If you want a shoe suggestion, I would suggest a non-athletic sneaker, such as the Keds Champion or comparable from Vans, Sperry, or Superga. You could dress it up a little with a heeled sandal; I can't think of a color that doesn't work, but my first choice there would be white.

Another idea came to me, that might seem a little radical and unexpected initially, but in cooler weather if you wanted a little more of a dressy-casual look, might be black flats with sheer black nylons. I say sheer so that it's not quite as dramatic a transition against the white romper, yet black since it would be more of a fall or very early spring look. I know that suggestion likely is unexpected, but I think that would look quite nice.