So, I got my next graduate assistantship to fund my education for the next year! I will be working in the NEW women's center on one of our campuses, helping build it from the ground up. I'll be working in the center as staff and creating and running programming for the center, including fun activities for students and professional development. The campus is STEM-oriented, especially engineering, and there's a big "geek" culture there. Students participate in activities like E-sports (competitive video gaming) and there are cultural groups around interests like anime and Pokémon. My supervisor said that a lot of students on that campus are introverted and many are on the autism spectrum, so there will definitely be good opportunities for me to help students grow (I was super shy when I was younger, and although I'm not autistic, I do have C-PTSD and that has helped me relate to and communicate well with other neurodivergent folks).

Knowing all of that, I want to look professional but also fun and approachable while I'm working in the women's center. I want to be someone who helps students feel comfortable and safe and to cultivate an atmosphere of growth for them. I don't want to buy a lot of things that I wouldn't want to wear in other contexts, so mostly I'm trying to think about how to remix pieces that are already in my closet or that I'm already planning to purchase this year.

Some of my ideas so far are:
- Smart casual vibe in general - dressier than most students, which shouldn't be difficult, because that campus is super laid back
- Dressed up university apparel
- Nice looking jeans with dressier tops and toppers
- Professional outfits with sneakers
- Cheerful colors - conveniently, our main colors are black and gold, so yellow works well!
- More casual outfits elevated by accessories
- Using a bag or backpack with a lot of personalization - keychains, patches, pins, etc. Something to show off my interests that students would relate to.

What else comes to mind for y'all? What do you imagine a FUN university staff member dressing like?