Hooray, I have a new job! Omigosh I have a new job in a casual environment (if we ever return to offices).

While I was interviewing (pre-quarantine, and recent zooms), I noticed how casual the looks of the team were. The men were mostly in button-downs and jeans. The women in blouses and jeans.

So this got me thinking...if jeans are a major essential, should I change up my primary colors to have more contrast? I don't think I'll ever give up Navy as my primary neutral, but maybe now would be a good time to look at some other colors? Maybe keep Gray as my #2 neutral but express it more in different textures instead of suit material.

I'm also considering doing a French 5 piece in a warmly saturated color - maybe deep coral, or a red brown - but focused on casual styles to start to dress-down my typical work wear. Maybe play off one of these 2 scarves for inspiration. Any suggestions?