Hi all

In February I added two pairs of jeans to my collection.

1) Garcia High Rise Curve Fit Caro Jeans (dark wash)
2) GStar Raw 3301 True High Rise Slim Fit (mid wash)

I am wearing these two pairs in Photo 1.

The other pairs of jeans I own (outside two pairs of skinnies that are for gardening or for wearing with rain boots etc) are

3)High Rise straight raw edge (white

4) High Rise Flares (dark wash)

5) High Rise Slim Straight (blue mid wash)

These three are shown in Photo 2 ( a couple of photos from last year but they show the rise, tops being tucked and a couple of repeated tops)

My question is - should I crop (to a raw edge or with a seam) one pair of the mid wash jeans.  Or should I try adding a tuxedo stripe to a pair or something else?  The older mid wash Nobody jeans are in pretty good shape but they are likely to be downgraded as they feel a little less current than the newer ones (although the difference is marginal)

I think the dark wash Garcia jeans are a classic that suit having some length on them.  I see these as dressier and good for work with a blazer. 

I am also planning to get the flares altered a bit as they are a bit too big and slip down - I think a tuck at the back might work.  Whilst  I enjoy having some flares these pair are the worst quality.  I tend to wear them as a change up in silhouette not as a workhorse so it does not matter too much.

So the two questions are
1) Lengths on the new additions - good or not (I haven't washed them as yet)
2) Crop one of the mid wash pair or not - or other decorative alterations?

I don't plan to add any more jeans as I find five pairs is perfect for my needs......I do have other pants and culottes.  I rarely wear jeans in summer but rely on them heavily in autumn, winter and spring.

Thanks in advance!

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