Nice! I have those same fit flops (in grey with a black band)- they were good for my PF and I was happy to find slip-ons that don't slip-off! I wore them all around last spring/summer with cropped pants and dresses. It sounds like we have similar issues so I'm going to pay close attention to all of your shoe purchases and posts...

Suz, just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation! I had been wanting to replace my aging Ugg boots that serve as my Winter house shoes with something with more arch support. I ordered the Fit Flops Loaff variant that was cheapest in my size on Amazon. They arrived today, and seem like winners -- functional and fairly cute!

Runs with Scissors -- that's great to hear!

Julie -- very interesting, and yes! Happy to oblige! I tend to gravitate to the same brands -- La Canadienne, Blondo, Aquatalia for winter footwear. Topshop, weirdly enough (and sometimes Zara) give me a good fit! Ecco often works but not always.

Here's my current footwear collection. What will become obvious is that I prefer a shoe with a 1" to 2.5" heel. I don't have flat feet but higher arches and that feels more comfortable to me than a flat shoe. Into those booties I usually place an insole for PF as well. I can only wear the Ecco sneakers with an insole -- usually Superfeet. (The Fitflops seem fine so far.) My secret is to switch up footwear a lot -- this helps to prevent strain for me. I walk a lot so the PF is always threatening to return, although (knock on wood) I've been able to keep it at bay for a while now.

Jane -- yes, this house is positively luxurious with storage space. I am not yet used to it!

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Wow thanks Suz! Very useful yet dangerous (for my wallet) information.

I don't have many finds collected but here are a few of my favorite shoes...also I've been wearing Birkenstock booties. My house slippers are these cozy woolen blue birkenstocks, worn with warm socks:

Here's to happy feet in 2019!

I guess my fit flops are a little different from yours now that I look more closely!

They look quite similar, though, Julie. And yes, here's to happy feet!

A suggestion for those looking for warm house shoes. DH got a couple of fleece lined crocs at the Croc Outlet. I will try them when I need to replace my fleece lined Target sliver slippers. Socks, even thick wool, are too slippery on wood or tile floors. The Crocs can be washed off if they are accidentally worn outside. They have several styles and lots of colors for women, men and children of all ages.

They look so comfy!

This is my first time posting here (been a lurker) and finally I feel like I can contribute something to a post.

My feet is always cold, so I was always on the lookout for comfy and warm house slippers. 2 years ago, I found Baabuk. They made wool slippers and I been wearing the pair since. It's comfy, does not stink and nice red color. They do have pretty colors. I haven't reorder because it last that long. I think they have a US site, their main site is somewhere in Europe.