I got these two from Zappos yesterday. I absolutely LOVE the Cello's - they fit a high volume foot so comfortably. I know the 3 inch heel height is too much for a lot of you, but there is a bit of a platform effect from the thick sole. They feel great to me. The leather is like butter.

I'm on the fence about the Narvi's. They are beautiful but are perhaps a tad too tight across my forefoot. Something else is bugging me about them. I may try to change out the laces and see it that helps - they seem a bit cheap and flimsy or something and I can tell they are not going to stay tied. Too waxy, maybe? And I think I'd prefer the heel to be more square and not tapered at the bottom. I should return them - I know that when I love something I say "YES!" immediately (possibly scaring the dogs and neighbors) and don't have to talk myself into it. And was that me talking about wardrobe happiness and not needing anything new? Uh huh. Also if anyone is interested in these there is a warning on Zappos about chemicals used on these that may cause birth defects so that's kind of scary (not that I'm having more babies, but still).