Love the pants. The colour is so yummy. Have a great trip. Sam is a fabulous stylist. Yorkie capsule! Beautiful!

Brilliant! Did you bias hemmed them?

These look great! Perfect that you get comfort along with that smashing cut and colour combo (I love Windchime’s comment!). You’ve inspired me to look out my toffee and black cardi. Have a super trip

Bootcuts, sneakers and a Sub Pop tee -- flashback to my high school years!! Love it. Bon voyage.

Angie, this looks fantastic on you. I love this look, but I'm also curious about the break on the pants. Did you angle the hem? I love the idea of bootcuts with sneakers, but have always found wider legs like that clump too much at the break.

Angie, I love the colors you've combined here, and you look smashing in your boot cuts & sneakers!

Angie you look so cute. Thanks for the tip on emirates.

Oh wow, these are stunning on you! Even more beautiful than I could imagine with flats and so comfortable too.

How cute is Sam on the bed?? Margot is a complete cuddle monster and is never happier than snuggled into me at night time. Bijou has such thick fur, she cannot sleep on our bed, she just gets too hot.

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. I’m excited to wear these pants - and the outfit - tomorrow.

Like the Season, I didn’t think I would be back to wearing body con tops, but I’m enjoying it with the wider bottoms.

Joy and Suz, I don’t have long legs - just regular length. I think we are SO used to seeing cropped styles that make us look shorter, that seeing these proportions in FLATS no less, makes our legs look longer by comparison.

Anne, your turn to semi tuck!

Mtnsofthemoon, I hope you get o Africa soon.

Fashintern, you look great with short hair and DS is adorable. No time to spare in Dubai, unfortunately.

Mirjana, Jane, Cardiff girl, Barbara and CJ you’re lovely as always.

Thanks, RunCarla and Shiny.

Karen13, no slant on the hem. It’s all in the heft of the fabric. I have done Seattle - HK many times - 14 hrs!

Safe travels to you and Greg. South Africa is on my bucket list of to-go places. I have no desire to go to Dubai.

The pants are very pretty, beautiful look with the white sneakers. The whole outfit is just perfect.

And thank you for showing us the perfect lenght, very helpful.

Have a safe and pleasant journey!

Thanks for the kind words, ladies.

Style Fan and Aliona, YES. I need to embellish my Yorkie capsule. Best capsule ever

Lyn67 and Elizabeth P - no bias or slanted hem. It’s in the heft of the fabric, and a sweet spot on the hem width of the pants. Not too narrow and not too wide.

La Ped, I knew you’d get Sub-Pop!

Cindy and Katerina, you’re fab and sweet. Thanks for your ever gracious comments.

bj1111, you MUST fly Emirates.

Naz, get to Africa! But overnighting in Dubai is actually the best way to go.

Bijou, you’re a sweetheart. Sam (and Jasmine) is a HUGE snuggler like Margot. I LOVE it and feel privileged. Enjoy.

The pants are perfect on you, Angie. I love the travel outfit and how it matches Sam’s coloring.

Oh the overnighting makes sense! It still sounds quite exhausting to have two back-to-back long flights, but at least sleeping in a real bed and taking a shower in between help...

Have a great trip!

Ooo, I love it. And I’m so happy boot cuts are coming back!
Quick question on the white sneakers.. is there a rule of thumb on what to pair with them? What I mean is, I see a lot of looks with a white or striped T up top that ties the outfit together with the white sneakers, but this also looks great with no other white item there. Are there basically no rules with the white sneaker look right now? Is there a time when it doesn’t work as a stand alone accent, or is it so ubiquitous that it just goes with everything?

Angie, your new bootcuts look like the perfect pant. The fit is amazing and the color, absolutely delicious. Love the jacket and knowing your pearls will be joining the party.

I love seeing your selfies because they help me understand how the items you buy work together. Also nice Sub Pop tee and I love the idea of pearls and a pretty purse with it! Have a great trip.

OMG, these look fab and so fresh....and yet, i had an immediate flash back and it sent me looking for this NYT articale which lead me to spend more on a casaul pair of pants than i ever thought i would...but these pants were indeed magical and really were perferct with sneakers...gosh, i hope Vince reissues them...

The pants are fabulous on you and it’s such a fresh look. Good luck with your flights. I flew NY to LA to NZ to Melbourne Australia by myself when my Mother was taken ill, it was the longest trip ever but I made it. South Africa is on my bucket list take pics

Happy travels, Angie! The pants look fab on you. I am on the fence about them for me. I tried them and it wasn't so much the fit, but the feeling. They made me feel tomboy-ish and I wasn't used to that so I need to wrap my brain around whether or not I want to go there.

I ordered the pants! The Find in Angie's OP lists them as out of stock, but they are listed at a 30% off price match in the Find below (both links are Nordies).

I've had many a pair of khaki bootcuts in my day, but the deep colour and the drape of the fabric makes these stand out. And I can't resist a patch pocket.

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. Sorry to be brief. Wearing the outfit now and heading to the airport soon.

Laura, YES. They are masculine - Carhartt! - which is why I wear them with a body con top, pearls and white sneakers.

La Ped, wooohoooo! Waving to my bootcut twin. Hope they work. Very comfy for travel. I don’t do leggings - too much like gear

Oh my good gosh, that’s a long trip! You’ll be the best dressed person on the plane! Enjoy your time in South Africa, and show us lots of pictures please!

Very excited for your trip, Angie. Had a crazy week and missed it until today. Great pants; the color and lines are beautiful. I have a pair of pants in that shade and love how it plays as a neutral with most of my wardrobe. You, as always, look fab.

These pants are only sold out at Nordstrom. Macy's has this exact color as well as camo and Bloomingdales has a khaki color (bonus-on sale). I snagged the caramel and they are at the tailor now. They are as great as Angie says (no surprise).

Looove these pants. Great colour and utility styling.

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the kind words.

Molly Mac, YAY. Thanks for the validation and enjoy.