I love this hairstyle. It seems very you i.e = soft and wavy with a bit of sass and edge on the side and back. This along with your style of feminine, colorful and polished way of dressing just all comes together IMHO. Enjoy the new look and grand transition to a new chapter in your life. Oh and Love that Boden dress!!

Super cute hair, and I love that dress!

You new do looks fab! Lucky you to have hair that air dries so beautifully.

Your new hair and dress are just so beautiful. It is always a treat to see how you evolve your style.

Elizabeth, you also look radiant.

A lovely new look - and great dress on you too . I planned for a major hair change for my 50th year too ! I worked with it for a couple of years then cut it all off again Elizabeth : fantastic cut and style . Your colour is amazing too .

Super pretty hair and dress, Angie. Your pictures are always so happy and make me smile
Yay to a dress challenge!

Very pretty. You are dead right about this cut complementing your style beautifully.

Fantastic hair. Pretty, yet crisp, and showcases your lovely bone structure so well.

Wow! You look fantastic! And what a lovely back you have

i love!!! also enjoying the description of the process.

It’s fun to change things up! You always look gorgeous, Angie. ❤️

Love, love, love so much, beautiful hair and wonderful dress. You are really Team dress , you wear them the best way Angie.

Soft and sassy and air dried, too?! Pretty lady, now that is a fabulous ‘do! You look amazing! Your happiness shines through your smile and your eyes. I love the dress and am looking forward to the dress challenge!

Omg I love the hair!! Yes I think you’ve hit the right balance of Retro and modern!!!! Plays so well with your feminine style, and your glasses!

Hmm I don't think there is an emoji with a big enough smile for me to express my reaction to your new haircut Angie! I suddenly feel ever so much more chic! You look gorgeous, and I love the way the cut looks in the back with your beautiful long neck. Yay team asymmetric hair!

Wow! Love this. Somehow feel this ‘do captures your energy and amplifies your fashion, style and accessory choices, making them even more yours, fresh and deliberate. Smiling ear to ear to see your joy. Love the pics.

Love it! Your waves are perfect! I am not team dress but it’s fun to see you rock them!

I agree with 2019 as a year of change. DH and I are also moving (only to the other side of town but it’s a big change and lots of new places to explore), our kids are all going to be out of the house, and I’m considering letting my gray hair grow out - eek. Here’s to change!

Awh, what a fab prep for your upcoming milestone love the cut/color+waves and your cheeky look in nr 2!! rGorgeous with the pearls and red specs!

So pretty! I love the new wavy long side - makes me jealous that my hair is so straight.

THANK YOU, for the awfully kind words, ladies. I'm blushing. I've had the new look for a week, and I love it

Jaime, you are THE asymmetrical hair inspiration!