I'm ALMOST there with where I want to be with my new 'do. It's been fun and relaxing growing it out and enjoying the interim styles along the way.

I cut some of the length off on the one longer side yesterday because I want more of a wavy one-length. I'll be exactly where I want to be in a few months, and then it's maintenance until I want the next change. This was style prep for my 50th year which is fast approaching.

I washed and styled my hair this morning - (I wash and style every morning, actually). This is air-dried with product. Very easy! The extra short bits are my own hair colour. My hair is naturally quite light.

I was concerned that the look might be too hard edged - which is not what I want for my style. But with the soft and pretty outfits that I like to wear, daily make-up and polish, dainty footwear, the abundance of colour, and a good dose of Modern Classic and Retro - it's all balanced out. I'm thrilled with the change! Greg's opinion is very important to me, and he loves it. Sorted

It's dress season, so go Team Dress! #OOTD with my chore jacket.

P.s. I'm going to start a dress challenge soon.