Hello everyone!

Sorry to bother you all with a new post. I have read here for many years (and even joined the forum briefly in college!), but I wanted to make a new account to ask some questions/get feedback about some upcoming style changes.

Just for background, I typically tends towards a classic, feminine style. I teach at a small private high school that has a professional dress code, so I am used to dressing up every day. I think even my casual wardrobe tends toward a little dressy.

I am trying to update my casual flats and cannot decide between casual sneakers or more of a slip on or loafer style. I attached a Pinterest board with some photos of outfits that are typical of my casual style (the green t-shirt is my uniform shirt for my part time job, and the blue sneakers, black sneakers, and loafers will all be retired).

Here is what I am looking for:

1. Comfort
2. Sleekness
3. Feminine or classic style
4. Neutral color

I have a current Pinterest board where I have been collecting a lot of ideas; I could add that if it would be helpful?

So...do you have any recommendations for me? What would be the most versatile style? The most fitting for my personal style?

Sorry for the length of this, and thank you in advance!