I took a Boden cardigan in this light blue. But I can't believe how well this dress represents all the colors you love ... perfect!

Not nearly bright or colourful enough, dammit !!

Stunning, Angie. The colors are so happy!

Dress perfection! The colors and style are spot on! Enjoy!

Such a great dress on you! Boden really suits your style!

Never stop prancing and swooshing in your dresses, Angie! This one is perfection. So. Much. Joy!

This is definitely your magic dress, and they should rename it the "Angie". Lots of wows from me. What a happy garment!

Thank you ALL, for being kind, funny, and complementary. I'm smiling

Wow, that is such an Angie dress! Totally made for you. I especially love it with the navy boots and shearling coat.

Love the colours and the pattern. The dress looks stylish, versatile and very you.

Thanks, ladies. I'm breaking out the dress this week!

Angie-this dress is perfection for you! Love the colors and the way you styled it. Very versatile.

Love love love! Your outfits make me feel happy!