Not worn, and maybe never to be-A lightweight red scarf that I went back and forth about I might take a bleach pen to it.
New purchase that I will wear in Spring-a lightweight lighter blue open cardigan.

However I do own several items with 5 or less wears. Wedding attire, a few fancy sleeveless tops that necessitate a very lightweight sweater to cover my arms, a warm wool jacket worn to funerals in cold weather for the burial, a fun pair of embroidered high top sneakers that don’t work well with my printed tops that I’ll try wearing this spring, but I usually wear sandals as soon as it warms up enough. Thanks for this question-First time I realized about the fancy sneakers not being worn because I wear sandals instead.

I don’t feel so bad about these purchases-except the scarf because I had my suspicions about it-as so many items in my closet get worn until they wear out.

nemosmom, that is A LOT of unworn items! Make a specified list of all those items and keep it on your phone or at another place where you can refer to it daily. Make an honest effort to wear each of those items, in particular in spring, fall, and at special occasions. If you find that an item isn't right for your style and needs, try to sell it, or at least donate it. And do analyze your mistakes, in order to avoid repeating them. (It seems that you have already started doing so, as you realize that you have purchased items for a past life style.)

The above approach has helped me a lot. It always feels good to have edited my closet and to know that it contains only items that suit my present needs and life style and that I actually like to wear.

Synne, I hope a similar approach will be of benefit to you.

Generally, I warmly recommend a total closet edit 2-4 times a year. Purge items that no longer suit you and your life style. And make a list of items you want and need for the upcoming seasons. It all becomes easier and less time-consuming for each time you do it!

I have a lovely open front Ivory crepe blazer that I bought from Macy's last year when I was sure that I was going to get a new and more elevated job. Well, I didn't get the position, and 6 months later I don't mind all that much, but I still haven't worn the blazer. It is lighter weight, so it's possible I might wear it this summer. I also have a beautiful Ivory necklace that I bought from Etsy. It just turned out to be a little too heavy for me. I keep thinking i will wear it anyway., i really should just fall on my sword and ask the designer to remove a strand of beads for me.

And I think this speaks to my mixed feelings about wearing ivory!

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TheCat - It is an embarrassingly high number, without question. I have a couple of the pieces posted on sale sites, but the ones that FIT, and I feel good in, I have stored away. Some of the skirts are orphaned and need tops (besides tshirts), the heeled shoes and blazers are just too dressy for my day-to-day life. I do like them and like that I have something to wear should an event call for it, I just need to spend the time to make outfits with favorite pieces before I purge much more.

i have a couple of things...
#1 as lisa p mentioned NAS can bring out a temptation that can lead me down the wrong path....i would have returned this boots, but was so sure about them i threw out the box.
#2 the chambray shirt....because i don't like chambray with denim, but really i have no demin bottoms....putting this on my wear with new leather pants list *as soon as sweater weather has past* the bag, but i've been carry a back pack for almost 4 years, so really why did i buy it.

#4 denim chore the idea of this, but haven't really figure it out. ideas????

I am actually good about wearing most things a few times. However, the zipper sticks on this dress and I’ve never worn it. I shouldn’t have kept it but I convinced myself I could have my husband do it up. I have it earmarked for donation once the weather is nicer (I don’t like to send out of season stuff).

so I picked a few finds that have been languishing in my closet....what I realize is that I love semi-dressy clothing, but my life is pretty casual. I wear jeans + cardigan/blazer + tee to work 4+ days of the week and tend to run around a lot and get messy, so my nicer items get worn much less. going out/art openings mostly.

My feet are really picky and I have a lot of shoes that I am hesitant to wear because I am unsure of the long term comfort level, (past the initial try on--and they are good there)

1. NAS blazer. Love this one, but reach for my black blazers that are more casual..sleeves are a bit long, need to get used to more boxy wear again....wore a similar blazer tons in the 90s
2. faux leather leggings. purchased with the idea of wearing a longer top/tunic textured jacket & boots
3. Gold loafers. the crappy rainy fall this year (80 days-little sun!) had me wearing boots nearly every day instead.
4. Dansko sandals: been wearing lower/padded sandals/sneakers much more
5. Teal wool coat. Beautiful color and cut. I even have a fur collar to attach for a little glam "Saks Potts" vibe. Again, been wearing waterproof outerwear mostly for the last 4 months instead
6. Halter Dress. Amazing print. very sensual--maybe too body con? I have not had an opportunity to wear yet--but purchased it since the drape and cut was one I like but I dont often find that fits.....
7. Majesty Peacoat. Honestly a gorgeous coat. Color is amazing. But I tend to reach for leather or darker coats instead when I need a casual/non rainy outerwear

I have four never-worn items: a navy faux fur stole from Sole Society that was an Angie pic a few years ago; a pair of dark caramel suede legging-like trousers, and two veIvet skirts, one burgundy, one navy. I may hang on to the stole but think it’s time to let go of the trousers. They fit fine, but I just never reach for them. I will definitely purge the skirts.

I also have two never-worn S/S items from last year that I simply never got around to wearing, but certainly plan to. I bought them both knowing they would never be in heavy rotation. One is a pair of houndstooth patterned long shorts; the other is a lovely lilac midi trench. The latter will never get much wear here, but I do love it.

I have more than a few items that don’t get a lot of wear, and 95% of them are dresses & skirts. (The 5% are velvet items, mainly tops. I love them, and will never get rid of them.) I need to make some serious decisions about the dresses. They fit, they’re lovely, but I don’t need them. The dresses I am keeping all fall into one of three categories—midi length shirt dresses, which can be worn multiple ways; sweater dresses, which I typically wear over pants; and dresses with an interesting shape in one way or another, with draping, folding and/or padding.

The two skirts I’m keeping are crystal-pleated midis, lined, in olive and a wonderful reddish brown.

When I write out what I wear and don’t wear like this, it becomes clear to me what I should do, both in terms of purging, and in terms of future buying. I see my preferences! Thanks so much for asking the question, Synne!!

Carla - can’t remember what size they are but I’ll check when I get home and let you know . Don’t even know if they still fit .

I have a few unworn tops and pants, but they were bought recently and the weather hasn't cooperated with me yet.

I have been thinking about this and the category I make this mistake with is accessories - scarves, hats, jewelry, belts. I have more mistakes here than in the rest of the closet.

I do have occasion wear under ten wears but I keep it and look after it. Mostly it does not date too much and could be fun for others to wear and borrow.