Jaime - thank you so much. The boots are always fun to wear.

Cee - Woodstock looked a bit rustic for me, but the fashion and music were great!

Kellygirl - it was fun to dress up for this party.

That bag & those boots are great - but even more impressive is the fact that you can walk in them, kudos from me haha!

I like them with the dressy tie dye - great mint colour on you I'm trying to figure out your friend's outfit though - is that a topper or shawl she's wearing over her blouse?

Oh, my, those boots and bag! And with that beautiful dress. So gorgeous! I'm glad you found *your* tie-dye!

I am so late to this thread, but you look fantastic in that dress (like it was made for you--you wear that mint green so beautifully) and the boots are amazing! You and your friend look fab together.

Winning outfit. (Those boots slay!)

That is a very pretty mint. I really appreciate your boldness with fashion and you stand out in a fab way.

So much love for the boots! I liked wearing them, as they were bought at this shop, so I knew the owner would love to see them in action.

Zaeobi - I always find it easier to wear high heeled boots than any other footwear as they give more support. They are not 'all day shoes' but it is fun to have something special like this to wear on occasion.

Firecracker - when I bought the dress, I did not have the boots in mind, but I was pleased with how it came together.

Jonesy - mint is a colour I have only recently been drawn to, but it is a great colour for my long hot summers.

Carla - as soon as I saw the boots, I knew I had to have them!

Sally - I enjoy dressing up so it is fun to have a number of statement items in my wardrobe.