Ah, sorry! Imogen's blog explains it better than I could


I bat for both teams. I could not be happy without both color and neutrals and am trying to add more color for winter months where most of the closet is neutrals and more neutrals in warmer months when I have lots of color.

I like the elegance of neutral and tonal outfits. My " faces" "pika best in certain color that have some color or are certain nearly- colored neutrals- so the most common dark and light neutrals are not very enlivening. But it's hard to put together more polished coordinated professional outfits in colors; the formula gets down to maybe a top in a good color or much harder, a jacket.

Not to hijack, but I love many prints, due to interesting and lovely mixes of colors and neutrals, but have noticed that solids tend to look better, somehow more refined.

Unfrumped, the idea of prints is very related. Most of my clothes are solids. The few prints I have tend to be abstract, florals, or plaid.

I wear a lot of neutrals and don't add color most of the time. I have some cardigans in colors, and some scarves, but that is pretty much it. I don't have many larger items in colors, like tops or bottoms.

My outfits almost all are a combination of colors and black, sometimes navy.

Neutrals but I do love cobalt and electric blue.

Interesting question. I had to think it over. My first instinct was to say "colour". Then I thought: but I love my neutrals too!

The most important thing for me is contrast. I like my neutrals bold, crisp and punchy: black, white and navy. Then I want strong colour in hair and lipstick to feel properly "coloured in".

Then there's the difficult question of how you define neutral. I went several seasons thinking of purple as a neutral, since I had a few key pieces in that tone. It didn't last because they wore out.

Neutrals (navy, black) and colors that fashion magazines often term as "practically neutrals" (e.g., burgundy, aubergine, very deep teal) are my favorites to wear - although I do love a good red dress on occasion!

Wow this question is so interesting. In theory, I like neutrals better. But you out in a unique spin - the photos of myself where I think, hmm, I look quite nice here have me wearing color, whereas sometimes with my favorite neutral outfits to wear, I look very ho hum in the photos Now, is that because a photo eliminates the comfort level you have with the outfit, or because color photographs better, or what?

Approprio, I think of eggplant/Aubergine as a neutral, maybe straight purple also. Now that I think of it, I would even use lavender as a neutral. I think it can go with everything.

Toronto girl, you raise an interesting question! Could digital cameras somehow wash out neutrals more than colors, or perhaps the lighted screen alters their vibrancy somehow?

Dottie, I have to agree there is some importance to getting contrast levels correct, but there is value and color contrast. I wonder what happens if only one type of contrast is correct and not the other? Would the outfit look bad?

Honestly, I don't think I pay much attention to either type of contrast. My DD warned me to stay away from high value and color contrast. I do my best, but not always. In a small amount, some high contrast looks good. It draws attention to or away, and it makes an outfit less dull.

Color for me although I have a ton of black and denim in my wardrobe.

I'm a fence-sitter. I really love both and like myself equally in both, assuming we're talking about neutrals and colours that flatter me.

I love myself in purples and plums, cranberry, fuchsia, burgundy, and vivid blues and greens. And colour makes me happy to look at.

A sea of neutrals on the streets depresses me.

But equally I adore navies, ink, black, white, grey, and silver on myself. Plus prints that incorporate those.

I am trying to stop buying my favored neutrals of black and gray. Color just makes a bigger statement. I really like using dark colors like eggplant, dark blue, etc. in place of neutrals.