Well, it finally happened...the leather wallet that I bought almost 20 years ago died. The zipper broke on the coin purse part. So now it's shopping time! Woo hoo!

I am not a purse person and don't know what to get. My last wallet was a combination thing, with a zippered pouch for cash, some slots for credit cards, and a place for my checkbook. The wallet was very fat due to my many credit cards (I'm sure no one else here can identify ), which meant that I never really considered getting a clutch, since the wallet wouldn't fit in it. So now I am wondering about splitting up the components of the wallet, which I guess would mean separate checkbook, separate coin purse, and separate credit card thingy. Then if I want to use a clutch sometime, I can just transfer over to it the components that I think I will use.

Anyway, I'm kind of out of my element here and could use some advice. Does my above thinking seem sound? What do you prefer for a wallet--a combination product like I had, or separate components? Any recommendations?