Summary: I need jeans in lightweight fabrics for work (food service, front of house). Dark wash or black, no rips or holes. Prefer finished hem in cropped or ankle lengths. Will consider raw hems.

If you have time and care to read all of the details...

Over the years my work outfit has come down to dark bottoms (usually 5 pocket jeans, for their useful pockets) and white or navy blue button down shirts, usually woven although I have a few knit collared shirts too. This looks professional and I wear it with either a half waist apron or full bib apron, in color black.

Currently I have only 2 pair of lightweight jeans and the regular weight ones are killing me. I need 3 more pairs for laundry efficiency. Average temps where I live/work are 93 F in July and August. 75% of our seating is outside, under shade sails, although it's only 33% humidity and we have a breeze. So I want to be covered but lightweight non clingy fabrics are best. I have been sizing up 2 sizes with skinny jeans to achieve a non-clingy fit and this has been working better than a "legging" fit. I do need to wear a belt.

I would love a couple of cropped options if anyone is out and finds some lightweight dark wash jeans. I am open to all price points under $250. Because I can't feel the fabric on line, it's a lot of work finding the right jean. Thanks for your help.

Here is one pair I own. They feel good but a little heavier than ideal. My other pair is threadbare, from Hudson jeans who are now out of business, so I have no finds for that pair.