My parents are celebrating a big anniversary milestone in Vegas in a couple months. I had intended to wear something I currently own, but now my mom is talking about getting a long dress, plus we are going to church before we have dinner. I am realizing I should perhaps be wearing a fancier dress than I had intended, thus I ordered a dress to try.

I got a BR dress in the mail that might have worked if my torso wasn’t so darn long. It’s hard to see the detail, but the waistline is higher than I’d like, so it’s not as flattering as it could be. That’s why I end up in shift dresses a lot.

Pics of the BR dress plus what I had intended to wear with a couple shoe choices I already own. I was hoping to avoid shopping, but will do what’s needed for the event.

I need advice how to proceed.

ETA - I will keep looking and post some dressing room pics if I have some new possibilities.