Hi all!

I spent some time this weekend doing my semi-annual closet switcheroo, and in passing on a favorite item, I have created a hole for the coming winter season.  I could REALLY use some direction on choosing the *right* replacement.

There are two pieces exiting: a fleece zip jacket and a fleece-lined zip hoodie.  Both were worn exclusively as indoor toppers throughout most of the winter.  Both were bottle green in color.  Both synthetic in fabrication. Both very casual in vibe.

I *think* I want to replace the two with a single chunky knit of sorts. Again, as an indoor top layer for winter. Ideally in a natural fabric, and a bit more elevated in vibe. Not as sporty? 
And, it needs to be quite warm.

Here are a few I am considering:

1. mid-weight cashmere open cardigan, in bottle green
2. mid-weight merino cardigan, in 'hunter' green with donegal specks of olive and rust
3. mid-weight cashmere turtleneck, petrol blue

My thoughts on them:
1. I like the simple design of the open cardigan (#1), but will I miss having some sort of a closure??
2. I love slouchy-but-not-too-slouchy vibe of the hunter cardi (#2), but it's merino - how warm will that be in winter??
3. I already have a forest green turtleneck, but am totally obsessed with the color of this blue one (#3).  If I size up, could it really be a topper, or should I look for something that isn't a pullover?