Sweet, April. Do you need a wide size? Let’s establish that first!

Poppy Barley makes shoes to fit your feet. Worth looking at too.

I second all the suggestions here - especially Naturalizer. Also try Munro in wide sizes, Arche, Gabor, Think!, Mephisto.

Angie, I don't need a wide size for most of my foot, just the toe box. But of course, that means I often do end up buying a wide size.

Thank you for the suggestions!

The Munro latex rubber outsole made city walking much more comfortable for me, and they have a wide range of sizes. When you have a hard to please foot it takes courage to enter the fray!

For me, Munros have not worked well. Even in their widest width (which falls off at my heel) the toe box applied too much side-to-side pressure.

April, have you tried Beautifeel? http://www.beautifeel.com/Html/en/Spring-2019/

Very pricey, but for the right shoe, might be worth it for you .

Another potential source is Sofft?

Or how about something like this from Fitflop? https://www.fitflop.com/ca/en/.....-p-Q96#001

Hi April --

Very sorry for the extreme feet issues. Does your podiatrist have any recs at all for keywords or ways to troubleshoot a shoe that's close?

I'm betting you've already tapped into the Barking Dogs blog but if not, it's here: https://www.barkingdogshoes.com/

Also in case you don't know -- toe boxes can be stretched both up/down and side-to-side at equipped shoe repair shops.

[They have to be left on for at last 24 hours, so there can be a queue. DIY is the old potato + wet shoe trick or "stretching" liquids but for me the pro worked a lot better.]

I get into trouble with my various needs: cushioning vs extreme arch support vs flexibility (some brands have great support but the soles are very stiff etc). For me the easiest fix is arch support (Pedag) so I look for the other needs first. Don't know if an approach like that might work.

I don't think The Flexx has been mentioned yet, and they're doing perf'd closed-toe for spring.

Good luck in the hunt (and waving to Peri while I'm here!).

Have you tried Rothy's? Someone at work wears them and says they are very comfortable.

Hi April- I 100% understand your search for shoes with arch support and cushioning...to find both is difficult. Custom orthotics from an orthopedic physician and his PT made a difference for me...altho then finding shoes that accommodate orthotics in a stylish shoe is difficult to say the least. I have had luck with this style from Mephisto : https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/m.....t&. Some Munro styles will work for me too but they often don't offer enough support..even with my orthotic inserted. I also found 2 styles of Blondos that work for me in the winter (I live in the midwest) ...Valli offers enough for me to wear daily to work but would not be enough for walking around i.e. a day of shopping in the city...another style does not have a removable insole but I was able to go half a size larger and put my orthotic in because of a generous toe box. Unfortunately much of the time for long term walking I am left with the only option being a Brooks Addiction athletic shoe..not very stylish but its the only thing I can wear and walk in for hours at a time. I hope you can find something that works for you. It really is a cycle of buy/return/buy and return.

April, call the Nordies Footwear Department - speak to Stephanie at the Seattle Flagship (say Angie sent you). I think you can order Munro footwear with a regular heel width and wide toe box directly from the Manufacturer. She can help you. Failing that, speak to her about your feet. She GETS it!

I'm always on the hunt for this too as I refuse to have pedicures every two weeks! My mum is the same since she hates her feet. In fact this topic is so close to my heart I wrote one of my first blog posts about it about 6 weeks ago. https://fifthandfinest.com/hom.....a-pedicure

Again, many thanks to you all for your suggestions and support.