Today I was getting dressed to come in to my studio for a few hours (we have visitors coming to the building, so the manager asked if the artists can have our studios open for the visitors) -- nothing too demanding. It's a Sunday, we are a bunch of artists so most tend to be very casually dressed, so no pressure really. I ended up in shorts, a graphic tee, and sandals.

In the process of getting dressed, I decided to try wearing a top that for some reason I have not worn yet this summer. I pulled out a handful of tops that have gone unworn, and I quickly went through three, feeling very un-fab in each one. One pulled slightly across the bust, one felt boxy and made me look pregnant from the side, and one just felt too big and sloppy. Each one went promptly in the donate/sell pile now growing in the corner of my room. These were tops that made me happy enough a year or two ago, but I seem to have fallen quite out of love with them. There are a couple more tops that I tried on and felt underwhelmed by, but I returned them to my closet because I *think* they might be good for wearing under a jacket when the weather cools (that is a dangerous territory for me -- I have several tanks and tops in my holding zone because I keep thinking I might wear them under jackets -- it hasn't happened yet). Meanwhile, I have new favorite tops that I seem to be wearing to death.

I know I need to take some lessons from this, especially regarding my summer wardrobe, since summer items seem to get laundered more and somehow just don't seem to endure as much wear as winter items. I'm not sure exactly what those lessons are yet, but they will be making me consider my purchases more carefully in the future. None of these were terribly expensive items, but they weren't in the $20 category either. Meanwhile, I'm getting lots of wear out of some $20 tops!

One thing I'm taking from this: I'm not going to wait until the beginning of next summer to edit my summer wardrobe, as I've done in the past. It's too easy to keep hanging onto stuff, and next spring I'll probably have a hard time remembering why I didn't wear something. Right now it's very fresh in my mind what is working for me and what is not.

This is pretty rambling and I'm not doing a good job of distilling my lessons for future purchases out of this at the moment, but I certainly welcome any comments and suggestions. I'm mainly getting this out as it felt like a significant moment, and I want to be more mindful of my choices moving forward.