Wha Huh? Saddlebags? What saddlebags? I see nothing but a fantastic looking skirt on a gorgeous figure. KEEP!

The skirt looks better on you than in the Find photo, if that helps!
I agree, look at some of the other poster's WIW with different tops with this skirt and you may find your comfort zone for starting out. Also you'll see that folks get some really great "different" looks with different tops and toppers--some more avant-garde, some dressed down--it seems very versatile.

It is astonishing how wonderful this skirt looks on you. I never knew a skirt could look so fine. Please wear it a lot.

Add me to the list of supporters for this one! I am thinking of looking for this skirt at retail and trying it on too - based on all the posts it receives. You look fantastic - and I think (without knowing you and your look yet) that you could really rock a killer look with this skirt! You have a fantastic figure Speaking from a slightly +50 viewpoint.....

It looks really nice on you! I'd pair it with an oversized (or fluid top) however, rather than the more fitted one that you have on in the photos. That would make it look more modern - as well as de-bombshell the skirt!

It's fabulous on you. Seriously. I see nothing but flattering!

You are the poster woman for "riveting rear-side". Seriously, this skirt fits you like it was made for you, and you look fantastic from all angles.

I think you look sensational in this skirt. I don't see any saddlebags. A definite keep!

I agree, this looks great on you. I have a tube skirt that's not VC and yes, it hugs this 50-year-old bubble-butt, but bombshell does have its place. And yes, more fluid/longer/slightly oversized tops I think can help turn down the volume on that.

I will echo @unfrumped and say that this looks SO much better on you than on the Nordy website models! I really don't know what the marketers were thinking with those pics...

WOW! What a way to start my Monday off--you guys are too, too kind.

unfrumped, Alana, echo, and ambergreen--you guys did wonderful things for my ego. Thanks for reassuring me about a body part that I am self-conscious about. Your sweet compliments made me smile!

Angie-thanks for taking time out of your busy sale schedule to comment. I am flattered by your "killer perfect"

Thank you so much everyone for your compliments, and suggestions. I did wear the skirt yesterday and kept in mind that it was a new silhouette for me. I was a tad self-conscious but the comfort factor was over the top. I think based on your comments that I will keep it and work thru the self-conscious part of it.

Thanks again!

Hah, you should have seen mine(at any age:-((), and then you'll be happy with yours(all life:-)). Are you kidding??? YLF, pls. keep!