I've made my final decisions. I went a little crazy, but my fall wardrobe was really lacking, so I'm really pleased with these choices. (My lighting/full-length mirror situation is not great, so I haven't posted the terrible selfies I took.) I couldn't have accomplished this without Angie's direction!

Zip-up cardigan--I often wear petites in jackets and tops, but this one was a bit short in length, so I went with regular. This is a lovely knit and looks good with and without the collar.

Longline cardigan--in burgundy fudge heather. As advised, I sized down, which was the right call. A nice cushy knit. I think this will work with navy at the office.

J Crew striped tee--in pink/red. As advised, I sized down two sizes. This is a little different for me--as a pear, I usually don't hide my waist. But I really like the architectural look of this, and I think it looks just flattering enough with jeans.

Floral colorblock midi dress--I don't wear much pattern (other than stripes), but I typically have one bright floral dress in my fall/winter rotation. I didn't have one last fall and missed it. This fits the bill nicely. As Angie warned, it is bold! Fits great, but: Unlike the pic, my dress has bell-shaped ruffles at the end of the sleeves. I think it looks much better without them, so I will have them removed. Black tights and boots are more me than the beige boots and bare legs in the pic.

Striped v-neck tee--I wrote previously about this--love it.

Midi pencil skirt--this is the only item I kept but don't love. I'm not sure why--it fits well and looks nice. Maybe my eye just hasn't adjusted to the long slim look yet? But I am in dire need of skirts for work, so it's staying. Could use some advice for how to style. I also tried the matching blazer, but didn't keep it, see below.

EF boyfriend jeans--these are great for pear-shaped me. I really like the silhouette. We were just in Quebec for a week, where the weather was lovely and cool, and I wore these day after day with my Ecco sneaks and different tops.

Boss trousers and jacket--This is a fabulous-looking suit. Simply fabulous. The pants fit! so rare for me. (Of course they will need to be hemmed.) The jacket is to die for. Wildly expensive but I couldn't part with it.

Peplum sweater--also wrote previously about this--a wild card for me, love it.

Halogen crewneck sweater--I sized up to medium, kept the pink compact, sent back the black/ivory striped. The striped sweater was stitched with black thread even on the ivory sections--this looked cheap to my eye.

Some things that I wanted to like, but they just didn't work for me:
The longer plaid blazers--I couldn't get the fit right in shoulders and hips. The Halogen ribbed crewneck--I loved this on me from the waist up but couldn't get it to work with any bottoms. Untucked over pants it really emphasized my belly and tucked it wouldn't stay flat but bunched up around my waist when I moved. The Good Curve high-waist jeans--I really tried hard to love these, but in the end I had to admit that the rise was just too long for relatively short-waisted me. It looked like my bust was sitting right on the waist of the jeans and still I had a bit of excess length in the crotch. Oh well.