Believe it or not, the NAS presale had been running for a full week before I had anything more than bras and knickers in my shopping cart!

(I know. Especially after my huge June shopping spree, this stretches credulity. But I swear on my mother's wedding gown, it is true! Sveta will vouch for me.)

Ah, yes, it's a far cry from the $6,000 I ordered in boots last year. (Only to return everything except the Munro Robyns and Donald Pliner pointy toes.)

I blame it all on Angie. "If you could suggest just ONE thing I should try..." I whispered....

Obligingly, she came up with two: The Smythe Houndstooth jacket (henceforth to be referred to as The One That Got Away), and the Equipment Sloane sweater that Lisa has already modelled for us.

Well, the Smythe was sold out in my size. And I'm just as glad. It's a pricey jacket and I already bought two pricey jackets this spring. For fall, I have other priorities to meet. I'll look for some fast fashion toppers to add variety, and I will aim to buy "my" Smythe another year. After all, I live in Canada, just down the road from them. It should not be too hard to track one down.

Meanwhile, the Equipment sweater was in stock. It crossed the border with me yesterday.

I must say, when I saw this pullover online I was not impressed. In fact, it didn't interest me in the least.

"Too busy!!" "Too silly!!!" "Too fussy!!" "I don't need another pullover!!"

But Angie speaks, and I listen. If there is one thing I have learned in my time on YLF it is: THAT WOMAN KNOWS HER STUFF!!!

The tags are off! Here are a few potential stylings.

1. Simple, with faded denim BFs. I'll wear with booties rather than sandals in the fall. This will probably be the way I wear the sweater most.

Ideally not the Pettys - I like them but would like a different style for my taupe.

I do still have my Reports and still love the comfort (but not the round toe so much). Also, I don't like wearing them except with cuffed pants, which limits versatility.

2. Matchy-matchy. With SE Pettys, and the BR cream jeans from the winter.

3. Wildcard pairing with my Halogen seamed pencil skirt from last year's NAS and my La Canadienne boots. The undertone of the sleeves has a very slight pinkish cast to it which I thought the skirt might bring forward. I think it worked!

Of course it will work with black trousers and skirts (I have both). And my charcoal wide legs. And if I had any ink, it would work with that.

Colours are a bit dull -- I tried to brighten. It was raining this morning and grey.

Was Angie right?

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