I was able to get downtown to our Nordstrom's last week. It was the first time I had been in the store. I was looking primarily for the bootcut jeans recommended by Angie, along with a few other pants. They didn't have any of those but I found some other jeans that are great. I also kept an eye open for blazers but no luck. I still need to try everything on at home before making final decisions.

Zella leggings - high waist, with pockets. Lots of Zella lovers on the forum and after trying them on I can see why.
Halogen sweater - soft and a great colour. It is quite a bit longer on me than the model
Wit and Wisdom ankle length pants - I liked these so much I bought them in dark wash and black. The waist band has a bit of stretch on the inside which I really liked. They are ankle length. They are skinnies but not super tight and even though I was after bootcuts these are very practical for our long snowy winters.
Blouse - this was a bit of an impulse purchase and sits in the maybe pile at the moment. I loved it in the store - very soft and a boho vibe.