Some more items have been trickling in with the slow deliveries, plus I have been deciding on some things.

No Find because sold out ( I thought there been a Find on YLF but couldn’t “ find” it) , but I tried the Paul Green suede ballet flats. Probably shouldn’t have as they are true to photo, have a pretty prominent gathered elastic side and minimal flat sole. They were comfy but I could only get the champagne metallic color, which IS lovely but with the style, is too casual for dressy and the overall style reads too casual for my other outfits. I really need “ ballet “ flats to have a slight structured heel line the AGL. This was an item that kept being cancelled on me in multiple colors( there was olive, for a nanosecond), so I think I was just stubborn.

Next, Angie pick glen plaid jacket. Oh, the plaid! Her description on cool+ warm is right and it’s a great blend of “ soft” black/gray/cream/ brown which is more versatile tgat optic white/ black for me. Spoiler alert—NOT keeping.
It’s long, which I generally like long- ish for pants , but it cuts me in half seriously and somehow overall does not look like where I’m going with jacket styles and proportions. So am reviewing for others who might be stalking later. I fit my usual size and fit perfectly in shoulders & chest; sleeves a tad long. This is something I MIGHT have talked myself into because of the yummy plaid. The brown color in it can be “ skewed” to tie in with burgundy tops— waah! A related issue is that it’s a true winter woolen fabric that I would not wear in other seasons and I’m about to have too many winter- wool blazers now. But if I’d absolutely loved it, I might have overlooked that!
I did not show it for outfit lab, but the 1901 plaid blazer is about as long but a touch more fitted in waist and more “ tonal” with dark pants so perhaps that’s why it works for me.

After rejecting the EF tunic top I had to try the T- top because of the berry color. It does run short as I expected but is great for tucking in, and if I can get the size right, might work untucked with higher- waist bottoms, as dressy T” is an enduring style- look for me.

Then I’ve tried the PG loafers with all sorts of inserts and different tights but I can’t get fully comfy, and I need them to be, or I’ll reach for something else I have. I’m mystified, because the shape looks fine , they’re suede, except think it must be related to the sole construction or something.