Here is my experience -- three of the items that I bought are now on further sale. Last night when I looked online they were available in my size.

Last YEAR when I called, the SA did not care. My size? Same colour? NO difference. He (it was a he) gave me the adjustment, regardless.

THIS year, the SA first gave me a lecture about the "two week time limit" on adjustments.

Then she told me she would take a look. First item (the Halogen skirt) was no longer available in my size in that colourway. So no price adjustment.

Second item (Trouvé jacket -- still has the tags) was available in my size so I got the -$10 price adjustment.

Third item (Kenneth Cole sweater) no longer available in my colour and size. So no price adjustment.

The moral of the story? Call, call QUICK!!!

When I buy something, I continue to stalk it for this reason. I recently bought a jacket from Sierra Trading Post. They send me an email every day. If I click on it, all their prices are different. Every day. It's a very weird business model. Anyway, if the price go down a lot, I'll buy it again, and return the original. I haven't worn it yet - it was only 95 yesterday!

Two of the 4 items I purchased are not on sale at all. The one is on less of a markdown than it was at the NAS (so I still scored), and the third MUCH cheaper item is about $4 less. Few of the items are available in my size.

FWIW, here is my take on the situation. It looks like the cheaper and in-house brands went back on markdown very early this year because Nordstrom miscalculated the amount that they would sell at NAS time. They are sitting with too much stock at the moment. They need to clear out before the HUGE influx of stock in Sept, Oct and Nov. Otherwise they won't make sales projections, which leads to smaller profits and ultimately lay-offs. (I used to be a fashion buyer for many years so I have a handle on how the industry works from the other side).

Aha, Angie! Makes total sense. Thanks for the explanation.