I swear, it happened even earlier this year! The last day or two of August, I saw some of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items marked down further. I took in two items today to get price adjustments, since I hadn't worn them yet and the tags are still on.

Crazy! It makes me not want to shop NAS any more. What's the point? I get a bunch of fall stuff that I can't wear for months, and then before I even get to those things, they are on the clearance racks. I can understand having them show up at the end of the fall season, but at end of summer??

I do not mind buying things early and getting some good out of them before they go on sale again. And in fact I don't mind paying a higher price for something I'm actually getting some use out of--that goes for NAS items and also for things I go ahead and pay full price for and then find on sale later. I figure I've gotten the extra money's worth out of them by wearing them in the meantime.

Does this development with NAS bother anyone else? Maybe I'm just getting crotchety--has been known to happen!