I mostly lurk, but I've enjoyed reading everyone else's NAS posts so much that I decided to make my own. My order arrived yesterday, and I got a chance to try on and evaluate today.

The good:

Halogen Draped Neck Top: I got this in burgundy, which I think is now
sold out. There's no shaping at the waist, but it looks great tucked.
Neckline is not too low for my short, big busted self. Also, it's
burgundy! Along with teal, one of my two favorite colors. Bought in my usual size (M).

Halogen Zip Pocket Cardigan: My Halogen merino sweater from last year
has held up well, and I hope this will, too. It's not too long for me,
and the zippers are interesting without being too quirky for work.

Halogen Seamed Pencil Skirt: This is the first non-Ann Taylor pencil
skirt I've found in years that fits off the rack (almost everything is
too tight at the hips and gapes at the waist). I really like that it's
lined. Bought in dark camel in my usual size (10 petite).

The bad:

Shimera Camisoles: First time trying these, and I must be the only
person in the world who doesn't like them. The feel of that much nylon
that close to my skin was just not good. I thought they ran about two
sizes small.

5) Caslon Draped Neck Zipped Cardigan: *Loved* the style of this, both unzipped and partially zipped, and the fabric was so comfortable. But the particular one I received was slightly damaged--the fabric around the left pocket and near the left zipper was sort of shiny, the way clothe can sometimes get if you iron them with too much heat. I'll exchange it and hope the new one is ok. Fits in my usual size M.

The good that I decided I didn't need:

Suit Jacket: I bought this in an 8 petite, and should have sized up to a
10--I have wide shoulders, so this is often a problem. This was one of
Angie's picks, and she mentioned that it worked well for a curvy
hourglass. I completely agree. I thought about getting the 10, but the
truth is that I only have the budget for one blazer this season, and
black would be a *lot* more versatile. Plus, this felt a little long for me, even in petite. So I'll pass.