Following my footwear NAS post here is the part 2.
I was very restrained with clothing for this NAS so I only ordered 3 things.

pic 1-3 - KUT plaid skinnies - wild card with potential to become a workhorse?
I was sure they were going to stay behind. This was such an impulse buy! However I was really surprised how much I liked them when I put them on. I have ordered 3 sizes. 30 fitted like regular skinnies which is not what I am after. Size 31 (these ones) fitted like relaxed skinnies - enough room in the waist and hips so I would need a belt to keep them in place but not so much that they are baggy. The fit in the thighs was good too - not tight but not flopping around them either. Actually I compared them to my Banana Republic cream skinnies is size 12 and they are exactly the same size. BR jeans are 1" longer and 0.5" wider in the hem.
The biggest con is the length - I wish they were at least 1-2" longer, they just cover my ankle bone and no scrunch. I guess I can wear them rolled for warmer weather and full length with booties in the fall.
My biggest surprise was the color. When I looked at it online I was not sure which colors can work with them. OK, cream should work, maybe grey and camel - but surely these muted warm colors are going to be a beast to style with my - on the cool side - wardrobe?
As you saw in my other post I was wearing a printed blue shirt - and I was amazed how well it worked with these skinnies. I did not expect that! Then it dawned on me: these jeans have pale muted yellow background - and blue is a classic partner for yellow. I tried them with ink, navy, indigo, medium blue - all seem to work! How cool is that!
But yellow is also a complimentary color for purple so I tried my purplish orchid pink sweater (pic 10) - and call me crazy but I like the combination!
So unless you tell me I look like a plaid sausage in them or they are unflattering and I am kidding myself they stay. Most likely I will not wear them with a shorter top like in these pictures - just wanted a shorter top to show you the fit.
The only thing is that I wanted fun skinnies to wear with tall boots and I don't like those with tall boots very much (I tried black, grey and cognac)...which means I may need to shop for another pair of skinnies for winter!

pic 4-6 Trouve long sleeveless jacket
I think it is going to be very handy i winter and allow me to wear my blouses and shirts more while keeping me warm. This is size M, I have not even tried L as M is a bit big on top - see pic 11. On the other hand it will allow to fit it over a thicker sweater and a fit below the waist is good so S will be too tight. I think it can be altered on the top if needed.
What do you think? Does it make me look too big? I can see a lot of styling possibilities with it but is it flattering.
And Angie was right saying it is for tall gals - I am 178cm tall and it hits me just 2-3" above my knee! This does not happen often when something fits tall gals better that the average height so it is a reason to celebrate for me!

pic 7- 9 Halogen striped skirt
I have ordered this skirt in all colors but as Angie predicted (she is always right!) brown-black stripe was my favorite. Unfortunately the smallest of the sizes I ordered (10) was too big (see pic 7 how it sits on my hips instead of the waist) but there were no skirt in any color in size 8 in the whole store. How weird is that - all sizes were there but 8! Anyway I decided to try on size 6 and it fitted. There was even some room left in the waist area so it was not tight. However the fit kept bothering me, especially on the back. See it in pic 9 how the pleats stick out a bit on the back and compare with pic 8 of a bigger size - how pleats skim the rear smoothly? It was just slightly snug on the lower hip but enough to bother me. SA told me the fit was good but it was not good enough for my PPP mantra so it was left behind.
(and do I get bonus points for my socks matching the skirt in pic 7? )
I really like this skirt - the pleats look crisp, the fabric has a slight sheen and nice weight, it is lined - I think it is a great skirt for this price and a fun one to play with. For it would be fall / spring skirt and possibly winter under a long wool coat or puffer (as long as temperatures allow to wear skirts at all).
It was a bummer that I could not find my size in the store but still want to order this brown stripe in size 8 - judging how 10 and 6 fit me size 8 should be the right one. Wish me luck!

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