I thought I'd do a quick post of what I kept and what I didn't as it may help myself and others next year.
My NAS list included non-skinny bottoms and cardigans in fun colors so I think I did really well in sticking with my needs! The sandals were a summer wildcard but I've been wearing them a lot this summer and really enjoying their 70's vibe. They've got me thinking that I might need something with a similar vibe for fall/winter.

Paige Manhattan jeans - I ordered these because Angie told me to and of course she was right. They fit perfectly. I just have to decide what length I want to wear them and get them hemmed.
KUT high waist bootcut in petite - these are a perfect length in petite for me to wear this summer with sandals and they should transition into fall with loafers. I'm always pretty excited when I can wear pants without hemming them first!
NYDJ straight ponte pants - I went through two pairs of these pants in a skinny cut so I'm hoping I'll enjoy the straight cut just as much.
Something Navy - teal cardigan - I love this color and it's very soft. I re-ordered it - two sizes down I think.

This may be a one year cardigan - it's hard to tell how good the quality is going to be.

Halogen tie waist cardigan in magenta - very soft and I love the color. I won't wear it with the belt tied. This may be a one year cardigan - it's hard to tell how good the quality is going to be.
N&Z cardigan - I hemmed and hawed over whether to order this until I saw that it was an Angie pick. for some reason I didn't think it looked soft in the pictures. But I love the color and the texture and it's a very quality cardigan that should last for a few years.
Hanky Panky undies - they are usually my first order every NAS and never disappoint.

NOTE to myself next year - make a list and stick to it! Except have a little fun!!