Wow, I like your stylings of this beautiful shirt. It looks made for you. My favorite is 5--stunning! Love 2 and the way the boots complement the shirt. 7 and 6 are sleek fabness. Really, I like all but the belted one, though I could see it working over a flowy midi skirt with a belt.

LOVE the addition of the white bottoms and animal print loafers in #6. KILLER!

The wide pants in #7 are great! Elegant.

Fern, well done! Drop in more often.

RunCarla, thanks for the positive comments. I'm so glad to have found such a versatile piece.

Firecracker, it's rare that I find sleeves to be long enough and this one works!

Angie, thanks again for the assist. I'm looking forward to wearing versions of these once it cools off a bit.

April, thanks and I will try! I really enjoyed reading about your barn wedding dress strategy and your final selection was absolutely perfect.

Fern, I’m obviously late to this thread, but I wanted to say that your new shirt looks so chic! I like each and every way you have styled it! It looks like you picked a wardrobe workhorse!

Thank you, Staysfit! The way the shirt transitioned from an impulse purchase to potential workhorse was amazing for me to see, and would not have happened without the shared wisdom of YLF.

You look FAB in all of your pictures! Each outfit has an interesting item elevating the overall look. You also have some great shoes. The wide leg pants outfit tucked is especially great.

Excellent shirt! #5 is wonderful

I like it best tucked and also with the animal print belt

Thank you, JAileen, Nikki and Niako! I appreciate for the shoe love too…they are my kryptonite! I have no idea how DH can rotate the same 3 pairs of shoes.

I really like this beautiful top and all your stylings. They are a rare combo of casual and lux.

Wow, I am super late to this thread—but what a stunning shirt! My imagination did not do it justice.

Thanks, Rachy (and Joy; sorry I did not reply to your comment until now)! I am excited about this shirt (usually waaay above my price point for shirts, but this one called to me). Now I just need some cooler weather. I really appreciate all the helpful and encouraging comments from the YLF community.

I really like most of the looks, the tucks were my fave, the only ones I didn’t care for were with the belts.
Other than that, you look great!!!!

All right, Fern, your stylings were so fab, you convinced me to stalk it. I love chocolate brown, but have so much of it that I looked to see if the shirt was available in any other color. When I saw it in cream, well, the stalking commenced! I scored one from Browns in the UK for almost half off!! Thank you for showing us all how versatile this shirt can be.

What a purchase - timeless. I love your description of it too, especially the word "buttery"

I would recommend buying the skirt - it will be such a statement outfit and I can see you rocking it at a cocktail party (think luxurious jewellery and heels). Plus it will probably be as versatile as the shirt. Slip style skirts are so comfortable, relaxed but look luxurious.

I also like all the styles where it was tucked in, it is either the shirt or your body shape, but they all look gorgeous on you.

For the untucked outfits, I would try opening another button at the top, so that it opens more around your neck & chest. Also try wearing something contrasting underneath (while still partially buttoned). White is obvious, but you could do grey/silver or earthy tones too.

I like what you have done with styling this in different ways. However, #5 is knockout gorgeous as far as I'm concerned! Great buy. Enjoy it.

What a fun shirt! I think it would also look really chic in a monochromatic outfit with different textures and tones.