I started 2017 with six pair of skinny jeans, three pair leggings, three pairs of flare crops, and one pair of crepe pants. They have been working well for me for the past couple of years but I fear that they may soon need to be replaced. (Although frayed jeans are still stylish, mine were not that way when I bought them). In 2017, I added four pair of pants to my capsule. Two were Angie Picks and I love them. The Paige Hoxtons are said to have a high waist but I can wear them comfortably. Maybe the soft stretchy fabric makes the difference but they feel good and look great. The WHBM olive pants were a fun addition and I enjoy wearing them, too. The wide leg pants did not work as well for me. They both fit well, look great, and make cute outfits but I can not sit for any length of time in them. They are high waisted but so are the Paige jeans and I can wear them all day. I think the fabric of the Gap and JCrew wide leg jeans may be too stiff for me.

My 2018 goal for my pant capsule is to look for replacements for my beloved TB skinny jeans. I don't think they carry the same brand, so I will probably have to look elsewhere. I still like skinny jeans the best and hopefully they will be in style for the next few years.