I read with interest everyone's words of the year a few weeks ago, but needed some time for mine to percolate.

I settles on two - CULTIVATE, as I try to cultivate some new habits and a slightly different mindset - and KINDNESS, as I make a concerted effort to be kind to others and myself. As an ENFP and Enneagram 3, I am a go-go-go achiever. I cherish rest and reflect time, but I do find it hard to slow down the pace - and sometimes my expectations on others. So this year I am trying to cultivate habits that will help me be kinder -meditation, painting in the mornings, and moving my body more. Some pics of my painting morning ritual below.

My COLOUR of the year is hazelnut brown. This reflects my renewed passion for earth tones, goes well with the word cultivate, and is grounding and calming, which is how I am feeling. I love pops of this colour mixed with my other earth tones, neutral’s and pastels for spring. It feels so rich to me. Find of my hazelnut coatigan below.

I've also looked to slow down my shopping considerably, after a bumper year last year when I was inspired by the earth tones in retail and I revamped my style. I also have a large wardrobe and many thrifted purchases, so I wanted to make sure I actually enjoyed them.

I've noticed that I get a buzz when I buy something new, but it wears off after the first wear, and after a few wears shortly after I purchase an item, it tends to be forgotten in my closet for weeks or even months. But I also noticed that when I wear something of quality that is thoughtfully crafted, I get a buzz over and over - just from the joy of wearing such a beautiful garment. I've been using the 'when last worn' feature in Stylebook to identify treasures that I haven't worn in a while and remixing them with newer pieces.

I am tempted by online and in-store shopping, so I have a largely tried to stay out of bricks and mortar stores, and have blocked the ads served to me by sites I regularly visit. This has drastically reduced impulse purchasing and the agonizing waffling that goes along with it and takes up brain space (sorry, The Bay.)

I've been loving cardigans - made modern - motos, and scarves lately. I have largely participated in SYC but I did purchase a couple of new things in January. A Max Mara cotton midi dress with a waist that fits my short torso and a boat neck to balance out my proportions. This dress fits like a DREAM and I can tell it will be my go-to all summer. Also a pair of Olive Theory pants. Then I turned off the Bay ads to avoid any more impulse shopping

In February so far I have ordered Suz's Sorel boots - very useful for my MOTG slushy weekends - and a grey french terry cozy moto that I have been on the hunt for for years. It's nothing special, but it's the perfect pulled-together piece that is still comfy and can be thrown on anything - perfect for travelling or for my weekends, particularly as spring approaches.Do you have a piece like this - to others it may not be special, but somehow it's the perfect piece in weight and in style to go with you many places?

I'm proud of myself for selectively choosing things that mostly filled wardrobe holes, and largely ignoring the rest. I do feel calmer and happier this season, despite some life challenges (two of my aunts have passed away in the last few weeks.) Hoping to keep this calmer state going through the year

I have purchased some things for the home that are making me so much happier- most notably my Le Creuset mugs that add a pop of color to my dishware and make me happy every morning. Pic of my Family Day brunch table below.

I’m not expecting Spring to tempt me much as I like to buy when I’m in the season, and as Janet said, our springs are so short, it hardly makes it worth it. I have more thin knits than I need for the three weeks of spring

What have been your reflections and thoughts - in fashion and otherwise - so far into this year?

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