From mid-December through mid-March I am getting dressed based on  a theme called "Dark Romance", original inspiration was something very similar Brooklyn did a couple of years ago:  More current inspiration came from FW 2022/2023 fashion shows, and two trend reports: one of those trend summary articles and Angie's Fall trend post.   The article author wrote: 
Enchanted: A moody color palette serves as a base for Enchanted, a fairytale-meets-mystical take on gothic fashion. “Dark notions of romance,” Moylan said, translate into special occasion attire in items like cutouts dresses, capes and corset hybrids, while glossy PVC and bodycon silhouettes add a “dominatrix slant.” The dramatic trend is seen in accessories through blackened gemstones, opera-length gloves and bags and handbags with glossy surfaces."
Angie wrote: 
"Dark Romance: Head-to-toe black with LOTS of texture and garment interest is a strong nod to the late ‘90s. Think black lace, tulle, sequins, patent leather, faux fur, textured leather, velvet, textured knits, tweedy wovens, satin, chiffon, silk, jacquards, corsetry, and dark nail polish. Interpret the looks minimally or maximally. For example, remix black wool, faux fur, lace, brocade, and patent leather in one outfit."

I interpret this broader than just all black in mix of textures, although that is definitely part of the look, more along the lines Brooklyn did.   Basically juxtaposition of "dark/edgy" style and "romantic/softer' items.  The dark component is very much inspired by gothic/moto/rocker/punk, the romantic by both Victorian and modern notions of romantic dressing, and then both by military styles and steampunk.  I have seen similar juxtapositions called "edgy pretty", with classic combo of pairing blush chiffon/silk with black leather.

Here are the main characteristic elements for both looks ( starting with edgy components, following with romantic components).

Colors: Lots of black, dark moody colors like eggplant, dark teal, burgundy / white, cream, blush, rose.  Burgundy can actually work both ways.

Metals: Silver, gunmetal / yellow gold, rose gold 

Fabrics: Leather (real or faux, smooth or textured)patent, vinyl, mesh / velvet, satin, lace, silk, chiffon, brocade. 

Details:  Cutouts, studs, spikes, zippers / ruffles, peplums, flounces, embroidery, ruching, draping, bows, rosettes.

Patterns: Skull motifs, plaid (punk influence) / large moody florals.

Styles and silhouettes: Moto jackets and vests, military toppers / capes, floaty blouses, swishy midi skirts and dresses, corsets, voluminous sleeves.  After some pondering I concluded slim, fitted, body con styles work for both.  Same thing for tuxedo suits, or tuxedo inspired shapes.

Denim: Denim in all shades of black, coated, burgundy.  

Accessories: Spiky jewelry, fishnets / pearls, brooches, lace tights.  Chokers go both ways.

Footwear: Moto boots, combat boots, ankle booties, sleek and pointy styles, chunky styles / lace-up boots and booties, pretty delicate pumps with almond/pointy toes.

The next part is putting this through the lens of my style persona(s).  My main one is Sleek Urban Princess (SUP), with shadow personas of Edgy and Romantic Bombshell.  The reason this theme appeals to me so much is that it is basically a marriage of both of my shadow personas.  It was my preferred way of dressing outside of work anyway, especially for social situations, where depending on the occasion one or the other of those two shadow personas comes out to play.  It is very suited to evening occasions.  For work it all gets toned down and married with SUP, and interpretations are subtle and sleek.  Often it becomes as simple as classic work shapes like suits and sheath dresses, in colors and textures that fit the theme, with addition  of right accessories.  Casual dressing for activities like running errands is also often subtle: the right jeans, sweater in thematically right color with the right detail, appropriate accessory. I don't stick to the theme for WFH, as it would be pointless ( imagine dark romantic loungewear!), I only keep the color palette.

Since the theme is such a good fit for my preferences, there isn't much adjustment needed for the elements; mostly elimination of yellow gold which I don't wear and addition of medium purples and teals for some more color variety. Also no vinyl, no capes, and corset interpretations are very subtle.

I will add a representative set of already worn outfits in a reply shortly, trying to illustrate one for every occasion/level of dressiness.