I don't know if anyone else had a similar experience but in 2021 I needed to rebuy a good chunk of my wardrobe a size down. I'm a front line physician and my husband and I kept our office open throughout the pandemic so as to keep as many patients out of the urgicare/ER systems as possible. Being over 60 with risk factors we went way into "how not to die" mode and made aggressive lifestyle changes - WFPB vegan nutritarian, exercise, fasting, avoiding toxins (goodbye hair color), supplements, sleep and stress management - if it was good to do, backed by science, we did it and continue to do it. So healthwise it was an awesome year. We are both still here vaccinated and boosted and living in gratitude. DH is 75 lb down and dropping. The unexpected effect for me, was that sartorially my needs were pretty much the same as prepandemic, but I'm down a size due to weight loss (only about 5 lb) but with more muscle and healthier than I've ever been - (down to my thinnest med school weight) But many of my jackets and jeans especially which were deliberately oversized became huge. What was fascinating is that now, although I could justify replacing a lot of pieces, I had no interest in "new". I spent the year stalking the exact pieces just a size down. Answering the question definitively "would you buy it again"..... The Everlane Oversized boyfriend jackets - in herringbone, glen plaid, black, navy and cream are workhorses. Some were available and some I found on poshmark. Hurt me was rebuying the VB scuba jacket and pants, leggings and skirt. Fortunately sales, ebay and the realreal helped out. My beloved coh emersons in 3 washes all needed a size down. My biggest piece of luck was finding the DVF zarita black in the long version (knee lengh vs mid thigh in pristine shape) because it's my favorite. dress. ever. I managed to rebuy the vince strapping pants (best dress pants ever) and the coin pocket chinos again a size down. But it was all about what is now unwearable and can I find it pristine in the right size? So that was 2021. I did add two cropped cardigans from l'agence. A HEWI, I needed a v neck layering cardigan that was cropped, a 5 yr mission since my JCrew cashmere bit the dust. I also added the three theory clairenes I posted about in the past. They are all work horses from fall to spring and were great sale finds. I also bought the aritzia babaton slouch as I needed a dressy, warm coat. Where am I going for 2022? TBH, I have no idea. I hoping to sit back and enjoy my wardrobe now that I've sourced my most important items. I am so very grateful that my immediate family and I have survived, a bit battered, but relatively unscathed to this point. Although we lost my dear uncle 98, and my beloved MIL is a very fragile 99, I've been incredibly blessed. One thing the pandemic did was make me count my blessings - you wake it, it's a good day, walke up and don't need to go to the ER and no one is crashing it's a great day!! I'm hoping 2022 brings all of us peace, health, prosperity, less stress, more contact and less volatility. Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe end of 2021 and a new year of joy and wonderful things!!