Congrats on the skin check. Oh, the lower face! My jawline might be my least favorite area! And I have several. But c’est la vie, right?

And I just copied your boots. You’re inspiring!

Yay for skin check! I have mine this coming week.
Very nice, I am late to the party but voted a definite yay! You look great with the sweater/pants contrast.

You really are on a roll, another winning outfit. You have the perfect Valentine's Day earrings and I too am coveting those boots.

See how gorgeous outfit was made with a simple change-wow, love this one dearly!! (and the boots, too:-)).OTOH I have the same troubles with blue I really can relate.

Glad your skin check went well! And the outfit is great on you too!

Those boots!!!! I love the whole outfit and am now contemplating that sweater. You look so great, Lisa.

Great outfit! Good point about blue jeans, I will sometimes wear them as a go-with-anything piece but that is usually a plain color. A sweater like this I would feel needed something to tie together. It really works with the black.

What i like about this color way is that it makes the sweater look more dimensional, and IMO interesting. Love it with the dark pants and shoes...

Ooh - what a great sweater and boots! I love both on you! Just stunning!

Glad about the skin, too.

Love this outfit for you so much!

What a fab outfit! You look amazing. I agree that the soles of the boots pull everything together, as do the earrings, which are perfect for the season without being saccharin-sweet. This is why it is so important to actually style an item before deciding whether it works or not! This sweater works beautifully on both you and on Janet!

The earrings and boots MAKE this outfit. So fab.

Looks fab Lisa ... you've really got some amazing deep winter outfits; not a little envious over here!!

This is great on you. I don't know why you didn't like it!

Looks really good!
This is kind of a chameleon- sweater.
On you the cream diamonds work especially well with your coloring , and on Janet the gray parts cool it off for her coloring.
How comfy are the boots?

I was eyeing those boots. Hmm, I may have to get a pair. Love the sweater too.

Thank you all for the lovely comments . I really loved this outfit and will be repeating it when I can !

The boots are completely comfortable for me and I love wearing them . I do not have fussy or hard to fit feet though - so take that information accordingly .

Love the sweater and the styling!
I really wanted to buy the orange and pink one, but sold out in my size. Oh well ! I will enjoy seeing the sweater on you and Janet.